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Monkshouse Primary Academy

Together Everybody Achieves More

World Book Day 2024 Video Library

'The Cat in the Hat' read by Mrs Gilbert

'Supermarket Zoo' read by Miss Burnham

'Grumpy Monster is Coming for Dinner' read by Miss Majer

'Ruby's Worry' read by Mrs Roberts

'The Bear and the Piano' read by Mr Boughton

'The Way Back Home' read by Mrs Kay

'The Lion Inside' read by Mrs Turner

'Aliens Love Underpants' read by Mrs Lincoln

'George's Marvellous Medicine' read by Mr Myland

'The Phoenix of Persia' read by Mr Addison

'Fantastic Elastic Brain' read by Miss Tawn

'Once Upon A Dragon's Fire' read by Miss Moscatiello

'I Go Quiet' read by Mr McHugh

'The Disgusting Sandwich' read by Mrs Jensen

'Mutt Dog' read by Mrs Potter

'The Last Tree' read by Miss Doubleday

'A Mouse Called Julian' read by Mr Bullock