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Monkshouse Primary Academy

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Intent, Implementation, and Impact Statement for Physical Education at Monkshouse Primary School



At Monkshouse Primary School, our intent for Physical Education (PE) is to provide a comprehensive program that promotes the physical development, well-being, and enjoyment of all our pupils. We believe that high-quality PE not only enhances children's physical fitness, but also improves their mental and social well-being, equipping them with essential life skills. We intend to deliver high quality teaching and learning opportunities that inspire all children to succeed in physical education and in developing life skills. We want to teach the children how to co-operate and collaborate with others as part of an effective team, understanding fairness and equity of play to embed life-long values. Opportunities to compete in sport and other activities will be offered to all children in order to build character and help to embed values such as fairness and respect. Our curriculum aims to improve the health, wellbeing and fitness of all our children, not only through the sporting skills taught, but through the underpinning values and disciplines PE promotes.


We aim to ensure that the children’s experience of physical education is positive and motivating and that children’s attitudes to a healthy lifestyle are firmly embedded in our curriculum.


We have designed a curriculum that ensures all pupils can develop competence, confidence, and a lifelong love for physical activity. We aim to inspire our pupils to engage in regular physical exercise, while offering opportunities to excel and participate in competitive sports if they show talent or interest.


We are committed to offering an inclusive PE curriculum that caters to the needs and abilities of all pupils, regardless of their background, gender, or physical capabilities.



Each child receives 2 hours of curriculum time PE on a weekly basis which is carefully planned and mapped out (see provision grid) to ensure a broad range of skills and activities are covered and to reflect the requirements of the National Curriculum.  The school uses the GetSet4PE scheme which includes team sports, individual sports, dance, gymnastics, athletics, and outdoor adventurous activities.


Children in year 4,5 and 6 attend swimming lessons at the local swimming pool at an allocated time over the academic year.


In addition to the PE curriculum time the children access Outdoor and Adventurous Activity sessions and mindfulness, as well as undertaking ‘Active Blasts’ during class sessions. Children attending the before school club participate in a ‘Just Dance’ session each morning.


To further promote physical fitness and engagement, we offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities, including lunchtime and after-school clubs, inter-school competitions, house competitions and participation in local events. These opportunities encourage pupils to develop their skills and pursue their interests outside of regular curriculum time.


We teach lessons so that children:

  • Have fun and experience success
  • Have the opportunity to participate in PE at their own level of development
  • Secure and build on a range of skills
  • Develop good sporting attitudes
  • Understand and adhere to rules
  • Experience positive competition
  • Learn in a safe environment.


We also provide enrichment opportunities such as visits from sports’ professionals. These experiences not only enhance the curriculum but also inspire pupils, raising aspirations and promoting the wider benefits of sports’ participation.



Our PE provision is designed to have a significant positive impact on pupils' physical, mental, and social well-being, as well as their overall academic achievement. All children receive a broad and balanced PE curriculum regardless of their year group or ability. PE is planned with a clear progression of knowledge and skills in order that all children access it at an age-appropriate level. We ensure this impact is evident through a range of measures and indicators:


We track and monitor the progress and attainment of pupils in PE through assessment of skills, knowledge, and physical fitness levels. Regular formative and summative assessments are used to identify areas for improvement, celebrate achievements, and set targets for further development.


We place great emphasis on fostering a love for physical activity and sport. Regular pupil feedback, surveys, and observations help us gauge the level of engagement and enjoyment within lessons and extra-curricular activities.


We recognise the importance of physical activity in promoting positive mental health and well-being. By embedding mental health strategies, such as mindfulness and reflection, within our PE curriculum, we aim to develop resilient, confident, and emotionally well-balanced pupils.


We develop the skills of pupils who show talent or interest in specific sports by providing them with opportunities to participate in competitive events against other schools. We celebrate individual and team successes within our school community through assemblies, PE board and newsletters.


Our PE provision actively promotes the development of essential life skills such as teamwork, communication, problem-solving, leadership, and resilience.


By implementing our comprehensive and inclusive PE curriculum, we aim to develop physically literate, confident, and well-rounded individuals who understand the importance of leading an active and healthy lifestyle.

Pupil Voice Feedback June 2024