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Monkshouse Primary Academy

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Additional Pupil Responsibilities



What are Global Ambassadors?


Our Global Ambassadors at Monkshouse Academy help us to think about the world around us. They speak a variety of different languages and important in promoting diversity within our school community. Global Ambassadors are asked to put themselves forward for the role at the beginning of Year 6 and pupils who speak different languages are encouraged to apply for the position.


What is the role of a Global Ambassador?


Our Global Ambassadors at Monkshouse Academy help to promote the broad spectrum of cultures and countries we have represented within our school community. They help to organise events which promote global learning and help children to understand the world around them. Such events include: Fairtrade Fortnight, International Day and African Walk to School Day.


2023 – 2024 Monkshouse Global Ambassadors:

Currently not elected.




What are Eco Warriors?


The Eco Warriors encourage and work with the whole school to maintain a green and clean environment. Our aim is to raise awareness of the importance of looking after our world to make it a better place.


What is the role of an Eco Warrior?


The role of the Eco Warrior is aimed at reducing our carbon footprint by:


  • Litter picking daily
  • Encouraging recycling
  • Promoting switching off lights and electrical equipment
  • Reporting leaking taps
  • Tracking the schools energy use


How are Eco Warriors selected?


At the start of each academic year, anyone who wishes to stand for the role is invited to write a short manifesto, to the Eco Leaders, as to why they would be good at the job.


2023 - 2024 Monkshouse Eco Warriors: 


Currently not elected.



Sports Captains at Monkshouse Academy are a great help when it comes to organising and running inter-house competitions. They help select teams as well as training and preparing them for competitions. When it comes to sports day they help to run the events and organise the equipment.


We are looking to involve the sports captains more in lunchtime outdoor play activities during the forthcoming year.


2023 - 2024 Monkshouse Sports Captains:


Currently not elected.









Roles and Responsibilities


House captains support all members of Griffin house to go for gold in everything they do. They are positive role models with their attitude to their learning and personal conduct across the school.


They support the sports captain to lead teams during the inter-house events and competitions, organising practices during lunch and break times (with support from staff members of our house) and coaching them to strive to do their best.


House Captains are also asked to present one house assembly a term on a given theme, demonstrating good public speaking and confidence.

2023 - 24 House Captains:


Centaur: Nojus & Faye  

Griffin: Willem & Aleasha 

Phoenix: David-Luca & Alice 

Unicorn:  Daniel & Gabriella