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Monkshouse Primary Academy

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Intent, Implementation, and Impact Statement for PSHE in Monkshouse Primary


At our school, our intent for PSHE is to provide a comprehensive, well-rounded education that equips our pupils with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values to live happy, healthy, and successful lives. We believe that PSHE is vital in developing pupils' personal, social, and emotional well-being, as well as nurturing their understanding of relationships, health, and economic awareness. Our intent is to foster an inclusive and respectful learning environment where pupils thrive both academically and personally, becoming active and responsible members of society.

Curriculum Design
Our PSHE curriculum is organized around the Jigsaw program, a comprehensive scheme of work that covers all aspects of PSHE in a progressive and age-appropriate manner. The curriculum is carefully designed to ensure that teaching and learning opportunities are coherent, relevant, and engaging for our pupils. It is structured into six different puzzle pieces, including:

1. Being Me In My World
2. Celebrating Difference
3. Dreams and Goals
4. Healthy Me
5. Relationships
6. Changing Me

Each puzzle piece is taught in six stages over the academic year, allowing time for depth, reflection, and consolidation. The lessons are supplemented with relevant resources, including age-appropriate books, videos, and interactive activities, to enhance pupils' learning experiences.

High-Quality Teaching and Learning
To ensure outstanding delivery of PSHE, our teachers receive regular training on the principles and practices of Jigsaw, as well as up-to-date guidance on facilitating effective PSHE lessons. They are encouraged to deliver interactive, pupil-centred lessons that promote active participation, discussion, reflection, and critical thinking. Our teachers are also skilled in creating a safe, supportive, and inclusive learning environment that encourages pupils to express their opinions, share experiences, and ask questions. They promote respect for differing views and foster empathy and understanding.

Linking to Other Areas of the Curriculum
We actively seek opportunities to integrate PSHE into other areas of the curriculum, making meaningful connections that enhance pupils' learning experiences. We encourage cross-curricular links, linking PSHE to subjects such as English (through reading, discussion, and creative activities), Physical Education (promoting healthy lifestyles), and Citizenship (developing social responsibility). These connections
ensure that PSHE is not seen as a standalone subject but is embedded throughout pupils' learning journey.

Enrichment Opportunities
To enrich pupils' learning in PSHE, we provide a range of enrichment opportunities. These may include inviting external speakers or professionals to share their expertise on relevant topics, organizing visits and trips to support learning, and participating in community projects or charitable activities. These opportunities allow pupils to explore real-life situations, develop their understanding, and apply their knowledge in a meaningful context.

Assessment and Monitoring
We use a variety of strategies to assess and monitor pupils' progress and well-being in PSHE. These include formative assessment techniques such as self-assessment, peer assessment, and teacher feedback during lessons to ensure immediate support and guidance. We also conduct regular summative assessments to evaluate pupils' knowledge, skills, and understanding at key stages. In addition, we monitor and track pupil well-being through pastoral support systems, such as ELSA support sessions and close collaboration with parents and carers.

Our intent and high-quality implementation of PSHE, linked to the Jigsaw program, result in a significant impact on our pupils. The impact is reflected in four key areas:

1. Pupils' Knowledge, Skills, and Understanding
Through our PSHE curriculum, pupils develop a deep understanding of a wide range of topics related to personal, social, health, and economic education. They acquire essential knowledge, develop a range of skills such as communication, critical thinking, empathy, and decision-making, and gain a clear understanding of personal values, rights, and responsibilities. Pupils demonstrate their knowledge and skills in discussions, projects, and practical tasks, and apply what they have learned in real-life situations.

2. Pupils' Personal Development and Well-being
Our PSHE curriculum plays a crucial role in supporting pupils' personal, social, and emotional development. Pupils develop a positive self-image, resilience, and emotional literacy, enabling them to manage relationships, understand their emotions, and cope with challenges effectively. They demonstrate improved self-confidence, respect for diversity, and a strong sense of social responsibility. Pupils' well-being is enhanced, leading to a positive impact on their overall academic achievement and engagement.

3. Pupils' Values and Attitudes
Our PSHE curriculum encourages pupils to reflect on their personal values, attitudes, and beliefs. They develop respectful, tolerant, and inclusive attitudes towards others, appreciating and valuing diversity in all its forms. Pupils develop an understanding of the importance of honesty, fairness, respect, and responsibility in their interactions with others. This positive impact on pupils' values and attitudes contributes to creating a harmonious and inclusive school community.

4. Pupils' Safety and Engagement with Wider Society
Through PSHE, pupils acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to keep themselves and others safe. They learn about e-safety, road safety, personal safety, and how to manage risks in different contexts.
Pupils are encouraged to engage actively with wider society, exploring their roles as responsible citizens, making a positive contribution to their local community, and showing an awareness of global issues. This impact empowers pupils to become active participants in society, capable of making informed decisions and positively influencing the world around them.

Through our intent, implementation, and impact statement for PSHE linked to the Jigsaw program, our school fosters outstanding personal, social, health, and economic education. We provide our pupils with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values they need to flourish and succeed in their personal and academic lives. Our PSHE curriculum, delivered through high-quality teaching and learning, promotes a positive impact on pupils' knowledge, personal development, attitudes, and engagement with wider society.