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Monkshouse Primary Academy

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Thoughts from past Year 6 leavers:


'I think that Monkshouse is a great school because all of the staff are kind and thoughtful and do everything to make lessons fun. the children are all very caring as well and help each other every day'


'Monkshouse Primary is a great school, very friendly and welcoming towards everyone as well as being easy to fit in to. I enjoy all lessons. Everyone is treated the same and well. The school is very educational and fun. We have many phenomenal visits and residential visits. We also have great teachers and teaching assistants being really helpful everyday'


'I really like and enjoy Monkshouse Primary School. The teachers and teaching assistants are really kind and friendly. We have a big range of clubs such as: rounders, football, ICT, hockey and cooking. We are incredibly lucky to have all the games at lunch. We also go on many educational and residential visits'


'Monkshouse is the best school because you have fun lessons and very nice teachers. i have been to this for for 3 years and I've made lots of new friends, plus I've been on many trips'


'Monkshouse School is amazing. the teachers are very friendly and kind. The school has an amazing headteacher. On my first day in this English school I found alot of good friends'


'When I came here I was made to feel really welcome by everybody. I really like all the teachers and teaching assistants because they are kind to me'


'Monkshouse Primary School is the perfect mix between learning and fun! We are having lots of excititing building work done - we've recently had a new, much bigger hall finished. The pupils here are all friends, we have opportunities to learn more about each other on our residential trips. Also, we have a range of excellent clubs, at lunchtimes or after the school day has finished. If you choose to participate in a sports club, you might have the chance to compete against other schools'


'Monkshouse Primary School is a fun and very educational place to be! We have a variation of fun lessons like P.E, ICT, music and many more. We also have a range of interesting after school clubs, some of my favourites are: athletics, change 4 life, ICT, cricket and rounders. We are very lucky to have the choice between all of these clubs, which are all run by terrific teachers and TA's'