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Monkshouse Primary Academy

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Extra Curricular Activities

Extra Curricular Activities 


After School Clubs


At school we provide a variety of clubs so that children are able to explore and develop their interests and skills.

Clubs are run either at lunchtime or after school, with some clubs being offered through external providers. The range of clubs varies dependent on the term and the staff available. 


Educational Visits


To enhance our school curriculum we take the children on carefully selected visits, some of which may be residential. We believe that learning through first-hand experiences stimulates and supports learning. Sometimes, we ask visitors to come into the school to help with a particular topic or theme. Parents may be asked to contribute to the cost of this visit/visitor (refer to school's charging and remissions policy).


Specialist Music Opportunities 


Peripatetic music teachers can be arranged to offer instrument tuition for children in school. Parents are required to pay for these lessons and they are subject to availability. Contact the school if this is of interest.