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Mr McHugh Year 6 - Ospreys

Welcome to the Ospreys class page


Mr McHugh (Teacher)

Ms Cruickshank (Teaching Assistant)


Throughout the year, we will be updating our progress so please check in to see how we're getting on!

Doodle Maths

We use Doodle Maths as our online homework for Maths. Doodle Maths works specifically on the needs of each individual child. We ask the children do a little bit often to help develop these mathematical skills and to support their progress through the school year.

TT Rock Stars

We use TTRS on a daily basis and ask the children to do so at home too. Those children who are still securing their understanding of multiplication and division facts (up to the 12x tables) will be asked to complete daily Garage games on the app. Once they have shown they have completed all possible levels on Garage, they will be notified by Mr McHugh who will then ask them to focus on Studio games which targets their speed of recall.

Term 4 - It’s A Small World


Week 1 - Yoga

Namaste! In our first yoga session, we began by completing a body scan to get our mind and body ready for the exercises. Mr McHugh taught us the cobra and down dog poses ready for completing a Sun Salutation which you can see in the video attached. 


Still image for this video

Term 3 - At World’s End

We’re going on an adventure aboard the HMS Beagle with Charles Darwin! Getting stuck in the Arctic with Ernest Shackleton and his crew! Discovering how people survive the extremest climates of the world!

Week 6 - Mandalas

Out of all the religious artwork the children have produced this term, the mandalas have impressed me the most. The attention to detail, care and effort they have put into their work has made me extremely proud of them. Please have a look through the gallery to see for yourselves!

Week 5

The children have been getting stuck into their algebra learning this week! We’ve covered the differences between expressions and equations, function machines and substitution.

Week 4

Some of the amazing work from our art lessons this week. The children made digital prints using Jackson Pollock and Emily Kngwarreye artwork as their inspiration!

Week 3


As part of our RE learning, we have been looking at Calligraphy and understanding its importance within Islam. The children had a go at creating their own before creating their own artistic message using the iPads. This was following a discussion on how religious texts can be a source of comfort and inspiration for those seeking guidance at difficult times in their lives.

Week 2 - Volleyball

This term we’ve been getting our volleyball skills honed! So far we’ve learnt how to ‘catch’ and ‘set’ which we’ve done pretty well at!

Week 1

Kicking off our artwork for the term with our own versions of the paintings of Emily Kngwarreye and Jackson Pollock. It was great to see all the creativity from the children as they were all given the same criteria but went in completely different directions to each other!

Autumn Term - Home Front

Why did the world go to war? How did the wars impact our locality? Why did Lincolnshire become known as Bomber County? In Homefront, Year 6 discover how members of the Spalding area contributed to the defence of our country.


This term the children will experience what it was like to be evacuated during World War Two. Our learning in history will particularly focus on the ability to empathise with people from the past whilst examining different types of historical source to support their understanding. The topic will allow us to focus on our local history by analysing the impact of the war on our community. The study will involve research into local airfields, the impact of the Women’s Land Army, evacuation to rural areas as well as the part the area played in the Battle of Britain.

Term 2

Week 7

Week 6 - Christmas cards

Ospreys have made Christmas cards with moving parts this week! 

Week 5 - Sewing Christmas decorations

After lots of research into existing designs, creating own designs and preparing our equipment, we got down to actually sewing our product! Although mistakes were made, we learnt from them as we worked and came up with some great work! We even won the decorating a Christmas tree class competition!

Week 4 - Fortune Tellers

Using our Micro:bits in Computing, we used this term’s learning on inputs and outputs to creat fortune tellers! We debugged our own programmes using the micro:bit website before uploading it to the connected device. We had great fun in asking th fortune tellers questions. Unfortunately, as you can see on the video, it didn’t work out so well for Mr McHugh! Better luck next time!


Still image for this video

Week 3

Week 2 - Gymnastics 

We’ve been working on tension and counter-tension in PE this week. We worked really well in teams to come up with our own gymnastic balances. 

Week 1 - Electrical circuits 

We’ve had a great lesson in Science this week! The children impressed with their knowledge of electrical circuits so worked so hard on testing out different possibilities with their circuits.

Term 1

Week 6 - Professional storyteller

We really enjoyed the professional storyteller workshop: we loved how interactive it was and how the lady brought everything to life!

Week 5 - Battle of Britain

In preparation for writing a non-chronological report about the significance of the Battle of Britain, Year 6 acted out dogfights between Spitfires and Messerschmitts. The activity had certain rules that dictated how each plane would move, which then gave the children an idea of the advantages and disadvantages of each plane. We discussed how the introduction of radar helped the RAF forces as the Luftwaffe began their attacks as well as factors such as how long the Luftwaffe had in the air before needing to refuel and the number of fighters involved for each side. The activity was a great success and we’re looking forward to seeing this reflected in their writing!

Week 4 - Poet

This week we had a visiting poet run some workshops with the children.  We spent time with him creating and learning a poem with actions.  At the end of the day, we came back into the hall to perform our sections of the poem alongside the other year groups in school.

Week 2 - Direction of light investigation

In Science, we investigated the direction light travels in. Our experiment had us predicting the position of light on a surface when turning a torch on and off before moving onto creating light beams to prove how light travels!

Week 1 - WW2 Experience Day

To welcome the children back to school and kick start our WW2 topic, we had an experience day! The children engaged in four activities throughout the day and it’s safe to say they had a great time! 

Activity one - a blackout experience during which the children were taken through a re-enactment of this very topip before being given some warden training!

Activity two - a parachute was found hanging from a tree in the school grounds. The children had to crack the code to find the pilot's location!

Activity three - an archaeological dig site where they discovered an unexploded bomb waiting for them as well as a few items from other periods of history!

Activity four - making interactive timelines to recall what they had learnt previously at school and thinking about how WW2 might link back to these.

A great start to the term and the children really came away with some fantastic knowledge which we will investigate further this term!