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Mr McHugh Year 6 - Ospreys

Welcome to the Ospreys class page


Mr McHugh (Teacher)

Mrs Cruickshank (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Partridge (Teaching Assistant)


Throughout the year, we will be updating our progress so please check in to see how we're getting on!


The following are some great links for support in helping your child’s learning at home:


BBC Bitesize KS2

A good website which covers all subjects we teach throughout the year. I suggest this is your go-to website for understanding the vocabulary that is used in the curriculum.

Doodle Maths

We use Doodle Maths as our online homework for Maths. Doodle Maths works specifically on the needs of each individual child. We ask the children do a little bit often to help develop these mathematical skills and to support their progress through the school year.

TT Rock Stars

We use TTRS on a daily basis and ask the children to do so at home too. Those children who are still securing their understanding of multiplication and division facts (up to the 12x tables) will be asked to complete daily Garage games on the app. Once they have shown they have completed all possible levels on Garage, they will be notified by Mr McHugh who will then ask them to focus on Studio games which targets their speed of recall.

Term 2 - Home Front

09/11/22 - Working with circuits 


Year 6 have already impressed me with their electricity work this term. They have shown good knowledge of drawing circuits using the appropriate symbols for each component used. I really enjoyed listening to their ideas in this lesson and their predictions for those in the future and reasons behind occurrences in their circuits. Mr McHugh

10/11/22 - Science Day 1 (Forces)

To be added 

08/11/22 - International Bomber Command Centre visit

Year 6 had a great time at the International Bomber Command Centre in Lincoln.  They engaged in workshops which allowed them to interact with a range of artefacts from WWII. They were able to visit an exhibition as well as participate in an immersion experience which allowed them to see the journeys of some of the planes involved during the war. A guide took the children around the memorial and allowed them to enter an air-raid shelter too. The children were a credit to the school with their behaviour and we look forward to them using their new knowledge in future lessons in the classroom.

31/10/22 - Plotting routes

This week, we learnt about plotting routes using the online mapping tool Digimaps which is amazing for map work! In the first lesson, we built up our confidence in using the tools available and then had a go at plotting routes within the locality. In the second lesson, we continued practising plotting journeys but had to find the fastest route from school to the war memorial at Ayscoughfee Memorial Gardens.

Term 1 - Home Front

19/10/22 - PE

Thie term, we’ve been working on our O.A.A and Tag Rugby skills. We’ve had a lot of fun doing both of these sporting activities and learnt quite a few new skills at the same time!

15/09/22 - Light direction investigation

This week, we investigated ways to prove that light travels in straight lines in our Science lesson. We used torches and hole-punched card to test our theories out and we were able to recognise what happened to the light, the further it travelled away from its source!

08/09/22 - Poet visit

The poet Jason Seigal visited us to talk all things poetry! We learnt that there’s so much more to poetry than just rhyming! We thought our favourite places and then went on to create our own poems with his help. It was cool when he signed copies of his books for us!

06/09/22 - WW2 Experience Day

To kickstart our Home Front topic, we experienced different WW2 activities on our first day back in school. We tried making pancakes using rationed ingredients, played WW2 playground games, drew soldiers as well as Winston Churchill and sang some songs from the time such as Vera Lynn’s ‘We’ll Meet Again’. Not a bad start to the school year!