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Monkshouse Primary School

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Mr Bullock Year 4 - Curlews

Welcome to Curlews!


Class Teacher: Mr Bullock
Teaching assistants: Miss Wilkins and Mrs Samuoliene

Hey there, thank you for stopping by! We hope you enjoy finding out about all the exciting things we learn and do together in our class. Make sure to come back every week for regular updates.

Term 1 - Invaders


Who’s that waving axes and brandishing swords? It’s the Saxons invading Britain’s shores! During this term, we’ll learn all about the Anglo-Saxons settling in England.  We will explore whether the Anglo-Saxon period really was the 'Dark Age'?  We will evaluate Anglo-Saxon buildings in DT and use this to create our own unique structures. Building upon our everyday knowledge of sound, we’re going to investigate how we hear sound and the way that sound travels.  In Geography we will conduct field work and identify the locations of countries in Europe.  


We will begin by looking at poetry and focus on the poem 'City of silence' by Pie Corbett.  We will then move on to narrative and read the book 'Krindlekrax' by Philip Ridley.  We will also read the non-fiction book 'Viking Voyagers' by Jack Tite.  


Beginning the term by investigating place value, we will use our knowledge to spot pattern in number. We will then apply this to the methods of calculation for the main operations.

Useful links
Take a look at some of these links 



We use DoodleMaths as our online homework for Maths. It's a great tool for children to learn a range of new skills, and this AI software changes difficulty levels depending on how they find the questions. A 10 minute, short, sharp approach works perfectly for this!

Doodle Maths


Spelling Shed

Children are given their weekly spellings on Spelling Shed.  They practise these at home using online games 5 times a week gradually increasing the difficulty of the game each time.   

Spelling Shed



Children are able to test themselves on their times table knowledge using this website.  The 'Soundcheck' option will allow children to test themselves on a random selection of questions with a time limit of six seconds per question which mimics the Year 4 test later in the year.


Week 3

Outdoor learning
This week in outdoor learning, the children worked in groups to make their very own Viking longships!

Designing cards ready in time for Christmas
We've started early in order to get these prepared for Christmas. Have a look at the brilliant Christmas cards the children have been making!

A mysterious creature
This week, year 4 have had the most unusual surprise. Strange footprints have been spotted leading out of the playground manhole! We're not sure how they got there, but we think a mysterious creature might have left them behind! Following this, we then explored a suspenseful narrative, inspired by the mysterious creature, and began learning it through performance. 

Our finished poems
Curlews have worked incredibly hard over the last 2 weeks, adapting Pie Corbett's cave of curiosity with their own unique ideas. Have a look below and check out some of our class's fantastic adaptations!


Poem 1

Still image for this video

Poem 2

Still image for this video

Poem 3

Still image for this video

Poem 4

Still image for this video

Week 2

Exploring the Anglo-Saxons through ICT
This week, we've been exploring how to use Microsoft Publisher on laptops. We've created interview questions for our friends so far, and now we are moving on to creating our own Anglo-Saxon leaflets.

Outdoor fun with maths
Today, Curlews had a great time outside. Using objects found around the nature area, the children represented different numbers on their whiteboards. 

Art for the Queen
This week, the children created their own abstract-style art focused around the Queen. 

Week 1

What a brilliant first week to kick off the new year! Take a look below to see what we’ve been doing. 

Balancing in PE

Our focuses this term for PE are ‘fundamentals’ and ‘outdoor orienteering’. As part of fundamentals today, the children practised their skills in balancing through a range of challenges. We then had quite a tricky race at the end!

Outdoor learning

Working together to practise their teambuilding skills, the children took part in a range of outdoor learning activities. Look at what they built!

Meeting Joshua Siegel 

The children got a wonderful opportunity to meet a poet called Joshua Siegel today. He shared some of his own poems before encouraging the children to make their own poems based on an emotion