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Monkshouse Primary School

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Mr Bullock Year 4 - Curlews

Welcome to Curlews!


Class Teacher: Mr Bullock
Teaching assistants: Miss Wilkins and Mrs Samuoliene

Hey there, thank you for stopping by! We hope you enjoy finding out about all the exciting things we learn and do together in our class. Make sure to come back every week for regular updates. smiley

- Mr Bullock

Useful links

Take a look at some of these useful links below (links in blue).



We use DoodleMaths as our online homework for Maths. It's a great tool for children to learn a range of new skills, and this AI software changes difficulty levels depending on how they find the questions. A 10 minute, short, sharp approach works perfectly for this!

Doodle Maths


Spelling Shed

Children are given their weekly spellings on Spelling Shed.  They practise these at home using online games 5 times a week gradually increasing the difficulty of the game each time.   

Spelling Shed



Children are able to test themselves on their times table knowledge using this website.  The 'Soundcheck' option will allow children to test themselves on a random selection of questions with a time limit of six seconds per question which mimics the Year 4 test later in the year.


Term 5 - Tomb Raiders

Week 1

We took advantage of the wonderful weather on our first day back and enjoyed some gardening! We created our own 'plant pots' using newspaper and compost before planting and watering our peas. We look forward to seeing them grow!

Term 4 - Inside Out

Week 4

Creating our own 'stomach' in science
This week, Curlews have been busy learning about the digestive system. To explore this further, they created model stomachs and looked at which foods would digest the quickest. It was great fun!

Week 3

Internet safety workshop
The children had a brilliant experience in their internet safety workshop today, acting out different scenarios and learning more about how to stay safe online.

Snow day!!!

Practising throwing skills in netball
This week, we've had more practise with netball as we explored different throwing skills.

Week 2

Exploring the structure of teeth in science
This week, we had great fun using bread to create and label diagrams of teeth.

Week 1

Friendship in PSHE
For PSHE this week, we have been exploring different friendship groups. We though about our own friendship groups and completed friendship circles.

Dancing in PE
This term in PE, Curlews are learning a dance routine based on a track called 'The Spy'. Later on in the term, they will begin creating their own version!

Exploring 'The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore'
This week, we explored a brilliant picture book by William Joyce and created our own books which we thought he might enjoy reading. Later on in the week, we watched the equally fantastic animation of the story.

Term 3 - Plastic Fantastic?

Week 6

Creating circuit-based board games
Curlews have had fantastic fun designing and creating their circuit-based games. We can't wait to play them!

Week 5

The water cycle
This week, the children have been learning about the water cycle and created their own 'water cycle in a bag'. They left them on the window over the weekend and discovered that condensation had formed on the bags from the Sun!

Week 4

Speech mark practise

To help learn how to punctuate speech, we have been creating our own sceneries using picture cut outs. We then punctuated them using Seesaw.


This week marks the start of learning how to play plastic trombones!

ICT week - Scratch

The children have had great fun this week using Scratch to create their own maze games.

Week 3

Drama and writing

Today, the children have started learning our suspenseful text through acting out each scene.

Friday dress up!
Today, we all came in dressed as a famous artist/musician. Later on, we then explored and enjoyed a range of music genres.

Week 2

Haiku poems

This week, the children have been exploring and creating different haiku poems. Finishing off the week, they all created a haiku based on planet Earth before adding a Japanese art style (semi-e) onto it. They turned out great!


This week, we have had lots of fun using Padlet to help our writing. 

Week 1

Creating circuits
Kicking off our electricity topic this week, the children have begun constructing different circuits in order to make a bulb light up.

Term 2 - Invaders

This term, we will continue our topic of 'Invaders' and learn more about the Vikings. We will be investigating whether Alfred the Great really deserved his title.  Finally, we will learn more about our views and the Battle of Hastings.  In Geography, we will begin by naming rivers in the UK.  We will also take about their impact on human and physical geography. Finally, we will plot a route on a map.  In DT, we will create and evaluate our own healthy pasta sauce.  We will evaluate a range of sauces and test different food combinations.  We will then make our own sauces.  In PSHE, we will look at our rights and responsibilities.  We will also discuss what it means to be a good citizen.



We will begin by revising area. We will then work out the area of 2D shapes by counting squares. After that, we will use our times table facts to solve the formal methods for multiplication and division.  It is important that the children practice times tables at home too.


This term, we will begin by learning and performing the poem History of Vikings by Paul Perro.  We will then create our own creature based on the story Krindlekrax and use this to create a character description.

Week 7

Christmas cards
As we came towards the last few days of the term, the Children created their Christmas pop-up cards with some brilliant designs of their own.

Cooking up our sauces in food tech
Following their recipe designs from last week, year 4 now had the chance to cook their sauces from scratch. They worked in groups to cut their vegetables and, following close supervision by an adult, took turns to cook their sauce. The results were brilliant and the children were very happy with the results!

Week 6

Godly play
This week, the children had a brilliant time learning about the nativity story. Following a reading of the story by Mr Bullock, all of year 4 then retold the story in a variety of ways, such as through art, Lego, reading, role-play and writing.

Week 5

Taste testing for food tech
today, Curlews got to take part in a taste test - what a treat! Later on this term, the children will be making their own pasta sauce recipes. To prepare themselves, they explored some different sauce flavours and evaluated them to decide which flavours they liked and didn't like.