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Monkshouse Primary School

Together Everybody Achieves More


Welcome from our Chair of Governors


Welcome to our school website, which aims to explain who we are and what we believe in.


We aim to provide children with a good quality education, through a rich, stimulating curriculum where they can reach their potential and develop into well-rounded young people.


We firmly believe that education is a partnership between home and school and we look to you, as parents and carers, to become fully involved in your child’s education. We are a school that welcomes you in to share your skills and expertise with the children.


As Chair of Governors at Monkshouse Primary School I look forward to extolling the virtues of the achievements of the children and teachers. There is a great deal the school can be rightly proud of.


The strength of a school depends on its staff. We are lucky to have a vibrant, hard working team who, between them, bring a wide range of expertise both in curriculum subjects and extra-curricular interests. With our Headteacher, Mrs Goodsell at the helm, giving us excellent leadership, and along with her team, are always seeking ways to improve and stretch performance and make the most of their talents.


Working in partnership with Mrs Goodsell, the Governing Body provides the school with a strong leadership structure, able to support and challenge as necessary, which is taking our school forward to create a happy and well-run school.


We hope your family will join us and become part of that vision.


Alistair Main


Governing Body


Mrs Jennifer Tyrie
Mr Jordan Green 

2 Vacant Posts


Mr James Cantwell  


Mr Alistair Main (Chair)

Mrs Eileen Robson
Mrs Anna Smolen 
Dr Richard Hayes 
Mrs Lisa Leyland (Vice-Chair)

Mrs Hannah Turner

Mrs Paula Baker    


Mrs Lucy Jarvis

Mrs Sue Goodsell (Headteacher)

Mrs Jo Ingle 


The school is a Community school and it reconstituted in line with the Statutory Guidance, on 1st October 2014.  There are 14 Governors appointed:

1.    4 Elected Parents

2.    1 Nominated by the Local Authority (Lincolnshire County Council)

3.    1 Elected member of staff

4.    The Headteacher

5.    7 Co-opted

The Governing Body has established a number of committees to which it delegates day to day responsibility for the oversight of various aspects of the running of the school. A number of further committees are established as and when required, including Pupil Discipline, Staff Discipline, Appeals, Pay, HT Performance, Complaints Policy and Ofsted.