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Monkshouse Primary School

Together Everybody Achieves More

Mrs Wayland Reception - Ducklings

Teacher Mrs Wayland and Teaching Assistant Mrs Smolen.


Big, Bigger, Biggest.

Term 5 

This term our topic is Big, Bigger, Biggest. As the title suggests, this topic is all about things that grow and develop! Throughout the term, the children will explore and develop their knowledge of plants and vegetables, including how to care from them to ensure they grow. They will also be thinking about other things that grow such as ourselves as well as animals and insects. 


English - The children will continue to take part in their much loved Drawing Club sessions three times a week, to develop their vocabulary and sentences writing. Daily phonics lessons, will continue to focus on phase 3 knowledge and application. In weekly English sessions linked to our topic, the children will be completing activities such as labelling a bee and writing simple planting instructions. 


Communication and language - The children will be developing their language and communication skills through taking part in group/partner discussions and circle times linked to our topic. They will also be listening to a range of stories across the term and key vocabulary from these. Using Poetry Basket, the children will be learning three new poems and rhymes linked to our topic. To develop comprehension of stories and spoken language, the children will be listening to two traditional tales a week and answering blank language questions. This will be alongside using images to make simple predictions and inferences about what they can see. 


Maths - The children will have a busy term learning about 3D shapes, numbers beyond 10 as well as patterns and symmetry.

The children were so excited to see the animals brought in by Ark Farm this week. They enjoyed learning more about the animals and were really pleased to be able to stroke them.



A Variety of Vegetables

The children have enjoyed learning about a variety of vegetables this week.  The children loved exploring some locally grown vegetables through their senses and as a class we produced a Tally Chart of their favourite vegetable; it was definitely Carrots.

The children have used cut vegetables to produce some prints in the shape of flowers as well as comparing the vegetables weight and size using balance scales.  Some fantastic writing about the children's favourite vegetable has been completed too. 

The fantastic story, Oliver's Vegetables by Vivian French, has inspired the children to grow some vegetables of their own - so watch this space to follow the progress of their crops!!