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Monkshouse Primary School

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Mrs Quinton Reception - Wrens

Welcome to Reception Wrens Class


Teacher Mrs Quinton and Teaching Assistant Ms Sandhu.


Our Topics are...


Term 1 - Once upon a Time

Term 2 - Marvellous me

Term 3 - Help Help

Term 4 - Out of this World

Term 5 - Big, Bigger, Biggest

Term 6 - Holidays


PE is on a Tuesday. 


Autumn 1   - Once Upon a Time


At the table in the kitchen, there were three bowls of porridge. Goldilocks was hungry. She tasted the porridge from the first bowl. "This porridge is too hot!"! In our topic this term, ‘Once Upon a Time’, the children will be listening and responding to familiar traditional tales in order to recognise the characters and role-play the stories.


As the children will be settling into school they will be getting to know the school routines, making new friends and exploring their new classrooms. The free choice activities inside and out will reflect the chosen traditional tale of the week and will develop all areas of the Early Years’ curriculum.


We have 2 special projects this term which will link to all the areas of the Early Years’ Curriculum. As children are always full of questions we will be asking:


Literacy - In literacy we will be working on our pencil control to write our names, sequence and role play our favourite traditional tales, designing houses, writing plant lables and listening to and matching words that rhyme.


Maths - In maths the children will be focussing on their counting and ordering skills. They will be learning the names of common 2D shapes to create animal pictures for the story ‘The Little Red Hen’.

Curriculum- The children will be having fun making masks, designing their own bears, making their own houses- let’s hope they are strong so the big bad wolf does not knock them over! They will also be designing and making their own sandwiches!


Autumn 2Marvellous Me (including celebrations, family).



We will be starting this term with a bang! The children will be finding out about why we celebrate Guy Fawkes on the 5th November and why Hindu’s celebrate Diwali. We will be making fire work pictures and designing sweets.


The children will be talking about themselves and what it is like to be them! We will be talking about families and what things we celebrated and why.


Father Christmas will be a big focus this term where will be writing our Christmas lists and Christmas cards.


Literacy - In our Letters & Sound lessons they children are working through phase 2 and in their literacy they will be listening to sounds in words to write the first sound and even some simple 3 sound words. The children will start to look at different forms of writing including writing an invitation to a birthday party and writing cards ready for Christmas.


Maths – Children will be continuing to work on their number recognition and counting skills. Simple addition and subtraction will also be introduced at this stage. In Space, Shape and Measure the children will learn about money, recognising coins to 20p and selecting the correct coin to buy for items in our role play shop. Time will also be introduced this term; children will sequence events in a day and learn to tell the time to the hour.


Spring 1 – Help! Help!


KERPOW! It’s time to rescue the planet! Who is your favourite superhero? Spiderman? Wonder woman? Maybe your heroes are ordinary people who’ve achieved great things. Or is it those people who save lives in our emergency services that you admire the most? This exciting topic investigates a wide range of people who help us and allows the children to take on the role of their favourite hero.


Through this term’s topic the children will be learning about the role of Police Officers, Fire Fighters and Doctors and Nurses, We will be inviting our local PSCO and school nurse into school to find out about their roles and how they help us.


The children will be enjoying lots of D & T lessons this term, looking at how vehicles move with axels and wheels before planning and making their own moveable fire engines.


We will be ending this term by celebrating the Chinese New Year as part of ‘The World’ studies. The children will learn about the Chinese culture through an amazing workshop before enjoying some Chinese food.


Literacy – In our guided writing the children will begin to look at how to structure a simple sentence. We will be learning how to write instructions in order to tell somebody what to do in an emergency. We will be writing ‘wanted posters’ and writing a plan of how they will build their moveable fire engines for D & T.


Maths – Children will now begin to use their addition knowledge to double amounts; we will be learning the double facts to 5 and through practical activities use doubling to solve problems. Using their counting skills children will start to collect data and look at how data can be interpreted and displayed in pictorial forms. We will also be using mathematical equipment such as balance scale to weigh objects and make direct comparisons.


Spring 2 – Out of this World (Space, aliens, knights and princesses, dinosaurs)                            


Things are rather odd in the Reception classes this term, completely out of this world! From Aliens who love underpants, to a fairy tea party, to gigantic dinosaurs and mysterious bones and being made to walk the plank by Captain Hook, be prepared and get your sea legs on, it’s time to sail the salty seas. This term our topic is fantasy based and our imaginations will be running wild!


At school the children will become archaeologists digging up bones and jigsawing them together to find the dinosaurs they may have come from. In our Literacy work we will be creating fact files about our favourite dinosaurs. We will discover what dinosaurs liked to eat and will investigate the food chain.  Our special project this term using the Cornerstones Curriculum is Did Dragons Exist? An exciting week for the children where they will discover a rather large egg in our nature area, we will discuss all the possibilities of what animal could be growing inside the egg before it hatches later in the week and we discover a dragon!!


Literacy – To spread the news of a T Rex on the loose in Spalding the children will be creating newspaper reports using clear sentences to describe the T Rex to others. The children will be sending messages in a bottle to try and reach fellow pirates stranded at sea and will be giving instructions to help a friend follow their maps to the treasure. We will be reading a range of fun imaginative stories including Bumpus Jumpus Dinosaurumpus, How do Dinosaurs eat their food? and The Night Pirates.


Maths – This term in our maths lessons children will be introduced to finding half of an object before moving on to halving numbers to 10. We will begin to look at number sequences such as counting and grouping objects into twos. Also capacity will be introduced through lots of practical maths lessons.