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Monkshouse Primary School

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Mrs Quinton Reception - Wrens

Our classroom

Teacher - Mrs Quinton 

Teaching Assistants - Ms Sandhu and Miss Elleston 


Term 3 - Help! Help!


KERPOW! It’s time to rescue the planet! Who is your favourite superhero? Spiderman? Wonder woman? Maybe your heroes are ordinary people who’ve achieved great things. Or is it those people who save lives in our emergency services that you admire the most?


This exciting topic investigates a wide range of people who help us and allows the children to take on the role of their favourite hero. Through this term’s topic the children will be learning about the role of Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Doctors and Nurses. We will be inviting our local PSCO and Dentist into school to find out about their roles and how they help us. This term we will be learning about how the Chinese celebrate the Chinese New Year as part of ‘Understanding The World’.


Literacy – In our guided writing the children will begin to look at how to structure a simple sentence. We will be writing ‘wanted posters’ as well as labelling our illustrations and looking at fiction and non-fiction texts.


Maths – Children will now begin to use their number understanding to make compositions and comparisons. Capacity will be introduced through lots of practical maths lessons.




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Week 4:


This week, the children have loved celebrating Chinese/Lunar New Year. They enjoyed taking part in different themed craft and writing activities and of course they loved the dragon dances!



Week 2 


This week the children have enjoyed learning all about the police! They have had lots of fun playing in the outside area police station and the one inside too.  Lots of crimes have been committed that they needed to record in their notebooks and they used the police dog to sniff out criminals! 

Marvellous Me!



Term 2 Marvellous Me (including celebrations, family).



We will be starting this term with a bang! The children will be finding out about why we celebrate Guy Fawkes on the 5th November and why Hindu’s celebrate Diwali. We will be making fire work pictures and designing sweets.


The children will be talking about themselves and what it is like to be them! We will be talking about families and what things we celebrated and why.


Father Christmas will be a big focus this term where will be writing our Christmas lists and Christmas cards.


Literacy - In our phonics lessons they children are working through phase 2. In literacy lessons, the children will be listening to sounds in words to enable them to write the initial sounds and even some simple 3 sound words. The children will start to look at different forms of writing including writing an invitation to a birthday party and writing cards ready for Christmas.


Maths – In maths this term, the children will be looking at composition of numbers, counting, ordering and cardinality and comparing amounts.

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Week 6


We are getting into the festive mood in the Wrens class this week. The children have been busy writing list to Santa, making Christmas cards and playdough Christmas tree plus much more! We are looking forward to even more Christmas fun next week with our nativity performance and Christmas party day! 


Week 3


The children had a very muddy and wet first Forest School session! We did still have fun though and the children were excellent at following our safety rules. As our topic is marvellous me this term, the children collected a range of leaves and sticks and used them to make faces. We read the story The Gruffalo and then we went a several hunts around the woods looking for the Gruffalo and the animals from the story. We didn't find the Gruffalo but we found things that we thought might belong to him!



Week 1


This week, we have been learning about Bonfire Night. We found out all about why we have Bonfire Night and what we can do to keep safe when we watch the fireworks. Using what we had learnt, we all made a firework safety poster to tell others about how to keep safe too. We even used our growing phonics skills to write initial sounds in word and sometimes short words as well! 


Once Upon a Time...



Term 1

At the table in the kitchen, there were three bowls of porridge. Goldilocks was hungry. She tasted the porridge from the first bowl. "This porridge is too hot!"! In our topic this term, ‘Once Upon a Time’, the children will be listening and responding to familiar traditional tales in order to recognise the characters and role-play the stories. As the children will be settling into school they will be getting to know the school routines, making new friends and exploring their new classrooms. The free choice activities inside and out will reflect the chosen traditional tale of the week and will develop all areas of the Early Years’ curriculum.


Literacy - Throughout literacy we will be working on our pencil control to write our names, sequence and role play our favourite traditional tales, designing houses, writing plant labels and listening to and matching words that rhyme.


Maths - During our maths sessions the children will be focussing on their counting and ordering skills. They will be sorting a variety of resources into colours and categories as well as exploring patterns.

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Week 6

This week the children's learning has been planned around the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Today, they were set the challenge of using the junk modelling to make a basket like the one Little Red Riding Hood used in the story. They did a super job working out how to make handles and how to attach their pieces together.  

Week 3 


The children have been really enjoying our focus story of Goldilocks and the three bear this week. Today, we received a letter from Goldilocks saying how sorry she was for what she did to the bears. She told us that she was feeling very sad and asked if we'd cheer her up with some letters and cards. The children were very enthusiastic and created lots of cards and letters for us to post to Goldilocks. What a lovely lot of kind children we have in the Wrens class! 

Week 1 

The Wren Class had a very exciting first full day at school.


They have all been played together brilliantly, sharing their toys and taking turns extremely well. They did some super counting and singing number songs at carpet time in the morning and then played an early phonics game in afternoon, which they were very good at. 🤗


Many of the children enjoyed the outside learning area during the morning as well the newly refurbished home/book area and Mrs Wayland's classroom too. It was wonderful to see them settling in so well.