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Monkshouse Primary School

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Mrs Potter and Miss Majer Year 1 - Finches

Welcome to Finches

Welcome to the Finches class blog!

The adults in our class are Mrs Potter, Miss Majer, Mrs Meadwell and Mrs Jansauskiene. 


Term one - Superheroes! 

BOOM! ZAP! ZOOM! Evil Pea is taking over year one!

This term we will be looking at lots of stories and in particular the story of Supertato. Will Supertato be able to save us in time from Evil Pea? Only time will tell. 

Year one will be dressing up as their favourite superheroes using their super powers to jump, crawl and balance through the different obstacles put in their way. The children will also spend time learning about their bodies and their 5 senses. They will go back in time and look at a real life superhero called Florence Nightingale and how she changed hospitals for the better. 

Week 1 - Superhero Day

Year 1 started our topic with a WOW day - superheroes! We came to school dressed as our favourite superheroes. We then spent the day performing various superhero activities - we completed an obstacle course to test our super strength and agility, we build our own secret lairs and we drew ourselves as a hero. A great day and a great start to year 1. 

Week 4 - Maths Mastery

Finches are enjoying completing their mastering number sessions. We used the rekenreks for the first time today and had fun moving the counters around to find different ways of making a number. The children also really enjoyed the clicking sound the counters make when they tip them!