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Monkshouse Primary School

Together Everybody Achieves More

Mrs Kay Nursery - Monkshouse Minis

Class Teacher:  Mrs Kay

Teaching Assistant:  Mrs Harrison

Teaching Assistant:  Mrs Monaghan

Additional Support Teaching Assistant: Mrs Holland

Additional Support Teaching Assistant: Miss Herd

Lunch time supervisor: Miss Tweed

Welcome to the class blog for the Monkshouse Minis nursery class! Here you will find a snapshot of some of the wonderful learning that has occurred each week. Parents will be able to see posts in greater detail and with more photos by logging in to their personal Tapestry account. 

Cohort 2022-2023

Term 1

All the staff are incredibly proud of all the new Monkshouse Minis. Everyone has settled in to nursery life wonderfully and already new friendships are being formed and there are smiles and giggles around every corner. The children are really enjoying exploring our fabulous setting, working together and sharing the things they have discovered. 

This week we have enjoyed reading the book The Colour Monster, and talking about different feelings as well as different colours. We celebrated Harvest by exploring locally grown fruits and vegetables, including some from our own nursery garden! The children made a delicious vegetable soup and a very tasty fruit crumble, cutting the produce themselves and mixing the ingredients together. 

Term 6

Ahoy there! It's now Term 6 and we are very excited to be theming some of our provision under the title Oceans, Pirates, Mermaids and Sea-side Fun! We will be learning about different creatures that live in the ocean; the impact of pollution, especially plastic, on the ocean; all about pirates - their language, how they travelled and the types of adventures they got up to; mermaids and other mythical sea creatures; sea-side safety including how to stay safe in the sun. One of the highlights this term will be our Pirates and Mermaids dress-up day. Keep checking our blog to find out about all the wonderful things we will be doing this term.

Pirate, Mermaid and Seaside Day

We had a lot of fun at our end of term Pirate, Mermaid and Seaside day! The children enjoyed playing in the paddling pool, building ice-creams in a damp sand tray and playing lots of themed games including Feed the Hungry shark, Pin the Eyepatch on the Pirate, Pass the Bucket and Musical Pirates! We all enjoyed the ice-cream treat too!

Week 3 - Tiger Tots Soft Play and the Early Years Celebration Performance

This week we joined up with the Reception classes and held our Early Years Celebration Performance. It was a great afternoon celebrating some of our favourite topics of learning this year. The children danced, sang, read poems and played musical instruments. This was followed by some time to picnic with family and friends, tucking into delicious cakes and summer drinks. The teachers organised some outdoor games to end the event. Thank you to everyone that was able to come along and support this event, the children worked so hard and were so proud of their performance. They showed they are the super stars we already knew they were! 


On Wednesday morning the children enjoyed a special treat, a bouncy castle and slide from Tiger Tots Soft Play! A massive thank you to them for letting us have lots of fun on it! It was fantastic to hear the children giggle and squeal in delight as they took turns bouncing and sliding with their friends!

We have had a wonderful start to our final term in the nursery. We have explored and discovered in the forest and in the nursery garden, we have developed our technology skills using the remote control cars and have been very busy building relationships, sharing ideas and working things out together. As part of our themed enhancements we have learnt about different creatures that live in the sea. We really enjoyed the book I'm The Biggest Thing In The Ocean and were inspired by that and some non-fiction books and video clips to create sea creatures for our own aquarium display.

Our butterflies hatched from their chrysalises! Parents, you can see the video of us releasing them into the wild on your child's Tapestry account. We are very proud of how well the children looked after the 12 tiny caterpillars we got at the beginning of this term. Watching their amazing transformation has been a wonderful learning experience.

This week we got some more sand and bark! We all loved watching the delivery lorry transfer the bags into the nursery garden. It was all in to then help shift the sand round to the sand pit! A great gross motor work out!


Term 5 Week 4

We have had another fantastic week! This week we have explored the life cycle of seeds and have planted sunflower seeds in our nursery garden and cress inside the classroom. Lots of children have been updating us on the progress of their beanstalks that we planted last term. Our tomato plants have really shot up and the children have noticed that the plants in the desert area are full of buds with some starting to open. 


Term 5 Week 3

We have thoroughly enjoyed finding out about farming this week, our visit from Ark Farm has made it real and meaningful. These first hand experiences that engage the children and inspire them to talk, be curious and creative is at the very heart of our ethos in the nursery. The children's confidence and communication skills blossom every day, their relationships continue to grow and we support them to become resilient and independent learners. 

Another big hit this week was the addition of some new scooters and bikes. Danny MacAskill needs to watch out, the Monkshouse Minis have been perfecting their skills!

Finally a quick update on the caterpillars, they have now all made their chrysalises and are hanging from the roof of their box. We will carefully transfer them into the butterfly net next week.

Ark Farm Visit!

Today we have had a very special day themed around farming. It has supported our learning based on the wonderful books by Julia Donaldson, What The Ladybird Heard and What The Ladybird Heard Next. We have found out about cows, how to care for them and what they produce, and even had the opportunity to milk a life-sized cow! We learnt about arable farms, planting crops, fruits and vegetables and then planted tomato plants in our nursery vegetable patch. Best of all, Ark Farm came to school! They brought with them a donkey, goats, sheep, a pig, two very friendly dogs and lots of noisy ducks. We absolutely loved getting to know the animals, finding out more about them and giving them lots of strokes and cuddles. 

Term 5 Week 2

We have been amazed to see how much the caterpillars are growing. They eat lots of leaves every day and are getting longer and more active. They are fascinating to watch and have inspired lots of discussions about the life cycle of a butterfly. We have enjoyed reading the story The Crunching Munching Caterpillar by Sheridan Cain and Jack Tickle.

The children were delighted to get back into the forest for another Forest Adventure. Our weekly sessions are so popular and full of countless learning opportunities. This week we explored twigs, branches and logs of different lengths. We set a challenge to find one as tall as us! 

At the end of the week we had a focus on the story What the Ladybird Heard by Julia Donaldson. The children acted out the story on Friday, it was brilliant!

We have some exciting visitors coming to see the Early Years children next week. Come back next week to see our next blog and find out who we met!

Term 5 Week 1

We have had a fantastic first week back after the Easter break! The children have loved being back together again and also discovering some new visitors to the classroom - 13 tiny, and very hungry, caterpillars! This term we are raising caterpillars to learn about the process of them turning into butterflies. The caterpillars have come from Devon Butterflies and need daily feeding of fresh stinging nettles.  This week we enjoyed sharing the classic story, The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.

In Term 5 our planned key stories have a nature theme to them, we are calling the term All Creatures Great and Small and it promises to be a very exciting one already! We have lots of real life learning opportunities for the children to experience, combined with a large range of engaging and inspiring fiction and non-fiction books. We know we will have another fantastic term, learning through play.