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Monkshouse Primary School

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Mrs Isaac-Pick Year 1 - Robins

Year 1 classroom

Welcome to the Robin's blog page


Class teacher - Mrs Isaac-Pick   

Class teaching assistant - Mrs Stafford   



Term 2 - Wonderful Weather


Look outside, is it sunny, raining or even snowing? Can you see a beautiful rainbow in the sky?

This term we are going to be looking at weather and seasons. We will be comparing weather at different times of the year, looking at the months of the year and even measuring how much rainfall we have had over a week. We will be looking at the changes of shadows throughout the day and even making our very own kites! We are really looking forward to seeing if it will fly. 

Of course this term we have also got Christmas preparations. We will be making Christmas cards and working really hard on creating a great performance for our adults. We hope you enjoy it!


English - Poetry, recount and setting description.

Maths - Addition and subtraction, fact families, tens and ones and shape. 

Week 4 - DT Morning Making Kites


This week we had great fun making kites. We got to saw our own wood to make the frame, make a kite template out of a plastic bag, add a tail and add the string to help make it fly. We then got to go outside to fly our kites. 

Week 3 - Performance Practise


Our Christmas performance is coming along nicely! We know all the words to the songs and we are mastering the actions. Those children with lines have done a fantastic job of learning them and we are beginning to remember our cues. We are looking forward to trying on our costumes next week. We hope you've ordered your tickets! 

Our Poem - Week 1

Still image for this video
This week we have tried really hard to learn a poem. We loved acting it out!

Term 1 -  Superheroes


BOOM! ZAP! ZOOM! Evil Pea is taking over year one!

This term we will be looking at lots of stories and in particular the story of Supertato. Will Supertato be able to save us in time from Evil Pea? Only time will tell. 

Year one will be dressing up as their favourite superheroes using their super powers to jump, crawl and balance through the different obstacles put in their way. The children will also spend time learning about their bodies and their 5 senses. They will go back in time and look at a real life superhero called Florence Nightingale and how she changed hospitals for the better.


Maths - We are going to be doing number and place value within 10.


English - We are going to be looking at poetry, non-fiction and fairy tales.



Week 6 - Pumpkin focus

This week the children were so excited about Halloween that we decided to bring a pumpkin into school. On the first day the children had to design what would be carved into it but to do this they had to write why their design should win too. We had some amazing designs and writing from this activity. 

Following on from this we had a day of carving the pumpkin and chopping different vegetables to go with it in a soup. The children thoroughly enjoyed this and tasting it afterwards. 

We are now planning to use some of the seeds to grow our own pumpkins in our flower bed for next year. 



Why was Florence Nightingale so significant? That was the focus of Year one's History Day. We started by finding out who she was and what she achieved. We then spent the morning in the hall, taking part in various activities such as making a lantern so we could be the lady with the lamp, making potions, comparing artefacts to modern day items and making a timeline of Florence's life. We also took part in role play, where we explored the terrible conditions of the hospitals before Florence worked her magic. We then used that knowledge we had learned to create a fact file about this incredible lady.

Superhero Poem - Week 3

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This term we have looked at poems and had a go at a poem for ourselves. We had great fun acting ours out.

Look what we have been doing this week - Week 2



Year 1 started our topic with a WOW day - superheroes! We came to school dressed as our favourite superheroes. We then spent the day performing various superhero activities - we completed an obstacle course to test our super strength and agility, we build our own secret lairs and we drew ourselves as a hero. A great day and a great start to year 1.