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Monkshouse Primary School

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Mrs Isaac-Pick Year 1 - Robins

Welcome to the Robin's blog page


Our topics this year will be ...


Term 1 - Superheroes


KERPOW! Intergalactic greetings, young heroes.  It’s time to rescue the planet from evil villains! Who’s your favourite superhero?  Spider-Man? Wonder Woman? Maybe your heroes are ordinary people who’ve achieved great things. Or is it those people who save lives in our emergency services that you admire the most?

Superheroes have super senses. Use yours to identify fruits and vegetables in super smoothies. It D&T we will be investigating what is a fruit before designing and making our very own super smoothies. In our science topic we will be learning about human body parts and our senses. We will be labelling parts of our body and investigating how we use our senses. We will also be thinking about what makes a hero or heroine so special and who our heroes and heroines are in our lives. In History we will be studying the famous heroine Florence Nightingale. 


Due to the current situation of Covid, we will be doing lots of PSHE lessons covering how to identify different emotions and the importance of talking about how we feel.  


English- This term we will be working on letter formation, segmenting to spell and writing simple sentences about superheroes.  We will be using the popular story Supertato to create character descriptions and comic strips.


Maths - We will be following the White Rose Math's scheme this year. This term we will be mastering numbers and place value up to 10. We will then move on to recap addition and subtraction within 10.


Term 2 - Wonderful Weather 

This term the children will be walking outdoors, exploring the weather and its effects. What weather do you prefer? Sunshine, snow, storms or showers?


Get your wellingtons on …. Let’s go!


The children will be observing changes across the four seasons and identifying seasonal and daily weather patterns in the UK. Our Geography will take us on a journey exploring the countries and capital cities that make up the UK. In Art we will be studying the artist Van Gogh. We will look at his famous painting 'Starry Night'. We will explore colour mixing and brush techniques to recreate his masterpiece. In preparation for Christmas we will be researching Christianity in RE, looking at artefacts and learning about the Christmas story. Following on from this in our D&T lessons, we will be creating a moving Christmas card using leavers and sliders. 


English - During this topic we will be writing recounts. The children will go on an autumn walk and recount all the signs of autumn that they have seen on the way. We will be looking at time adverbials to sequence sentences. We will also use the book 'Tree' by 'Britaa Teckentrup' to learn about rhyming words and create poems based on the weather and seasons. 


Maths - Children will be exploring shape, solving addition and subtraction problems within 20 and moving on to place value within 20. We will be following the mastery approach by using lots of hands-on, practical resources and fun activities to engage the children. 


Term 3 - Then and Now


Can you remember being small? Being a baby and learning to crawl? Do you recall a favourite toy, maybe a teddy bear or a best-loved book? Learn and find out about days before you were born, it’s called history and it’s all about the past.


Memories are special … Let’s make some more!


Children will compare how toys have changed from the past to today. In science we will investigate materials, exploring their textures and characteristics. This term we will be looking at how we have changed and grown by completing our very own milestone time line. Our D&T project this term will be building a moving toy car, to do this we will look at wheels and axels and how they work. 


English - This term we will base our English on the Disney film 'Toy Story'. The children will be writing character studies and diaries from the point of view of one of the Toy Story characters. We will also be using the popular children's story 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea'. 


Maths - We will consolidate our addition and subtraction skills and begin to explore measures of length and height.


Term 4 - Step Outside


Watch out this term, you're in for a ride, let's learn together as we step outside! This term we will be stepping outside of our front door as we explore our local area. We will be taking a walk around the school grounds and places nearby to look for key features of our environment. 


In our history lessons we will be looking back at how travel and transport have changed and adapted over time. We will also be researching some of the most famous pilots in history. 


In art we will be participating in lots of outdoor art activities, using natural objects to create work similar to the artist Andy Goldsworthy. CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! We will be snapping up on our photography skills.  


English - We will be learning about how to use imperative verbs in order to write instructions of how to make a paper aeroplane. The rest of the term we will base our English on the book 'Emma Jane's aeroplane' and will write letters to Emma Jane that persuade her to make a flying visit to Spalding. 


Maths - This term we will be measuring and recording weights and volumes. We will also move on to explore place value to 50. 


Term 5 - Into The Woods


If you go down to the woods today you're sure of a BIG surprise!


Foxes and badgers, voles and mice, beady-eyed owls in the swaying tree tops.  Beneath the leaves are tiny footprints.... animal or imp?  You decide!


Deciduous or evergreen?  What can you find?  Can you match a leaf to its tree?  Can you match a petal to its flower?


Let's build a den, stick by stick and branch by branch, or we could make a teeny tiny home for a woodland fairy.

This topic will give the children the opportunity to explore and learn in the outside environment including our nature area. Children will be learning about different plants and animals that you could find in a wood. In Science we will be sorting and looking at the different parts of plants.


English - Children will be reading and sharing a variety of fairy stories and the traditional tale ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. We will be sequencing and writing the story. Using the popular children's story 'The Gruffalo', the children will be writing character and setting descriptions. 


Maths We will our first look at multiplication, division and fractions this term. 


Term 6 - Animal Antics


Soft fur, twitching whiskers. What’s your favourite animal? We will be exploring animals from pets at home to wild animals in the zoo. We will discover how they eat, sleep and live. Let’s investigate food chains and see who eats what and who! Who is an herbivore and who is a carnivore? Let’s explore how to care for them all!


During this topic we will also be using textiles in our D&T to begin to join fabrics together to create our very own animal puppet. 


In art we are going to be looking at the work of Louise Bourgeois sculpture Maman. We will be using her sculpture named Maman to guide our own animal sculptures using clay or recyclable materials. 


English - We will be using our vocabulary to write descriptive sentences about our favourite pets. Then we will be brushing up on our animal facts to write an information booklet. Using our new knowledge we will write 'What am I?' animal riddles. 


Maths - We will be taking our first look at money, time and position whilst consolidating place value to 100.