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Monkshouse Primary School

Together Everybody Achieves More

Mr Price Year 5 - Hawks

5A - Hawks

Welcome! We are Hawks!!


Teacher - Mr Price 

Teaching Assistant - Miss Mayne

1:1 Support - Mrs Partridge 


We'll be updating this page with more of our exciting happenings as it happens so watch this space!

Here are some suggested links to support your child's learning at home...


Doodle Maths

We use Doodle Maths as our online homework for Maths. Doodle Maths works specifically on the needs of each individual child. We ask the children do a little bit often to help develop these mathematical skills and to support their progress through the school year. Our expectation is three times weekly at least.



Times Tables Rock Stars

We use TTRS on a daily basis and ask the children to do so at home too. Those children who are still securing their understanding of multiplication and division facts (up to the 12x tables) will be asked to complete daily Garage games on the app. Mr Price will check these regularly to see how children are getting on at smashing those targets and powering through the different tables!


We Are Term 5 Ready!

Here is our final view of our working wall after our work on persuasive devices, emotive language and investigation into the book Journey to the River Sea. From this, the children have produced some fantastic persuasive letters from the perspective of an orangutan fighting deforestation in the Amazon jungle.

Spring Term 5&6 – I’m a Pupil Get me out of Here!

I’m a pupil, get me out of HEEEEERRRRREEEE! We are stranded in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest – how will we escape?


This term, we will be exploring the geographical features of South America, including the Amazon Rainforest. We will learn about the life cycles of the animals and plants that can be found there as well as the effects that deforestation has had on their habitats.

We will be developing our DT skills by designing and sewing a rainforest stuffed animal for a younger child.  In addition, we will be taking our learning outdoors by spending some time developing knot tying, shelter building and survival skills so that we can survive being lost in the Amazon.


This term, we will be focusing a large amount of our time exploring decimals. We will recap the place value of decimals and extend our knowledge of addition and subtraction. We will then move on to learning about the properties of shapes, position and direction, converting units of measure and learning how to calculate the volume of 3D simple shapes.


This term, we will be exploring the features of adventure stories and using some of the ideas contained within them to help us to create adventure stories of our own. We’ll then look around us at the rainforest and beyond into mainland Brazil to create travel brochures, advertising the mystery and wonder of the tropical country.

In our final term, we will be exploring language skills and development by creating our very own rainforest poetry, making use of figurative language features. Finally, we will be using our learning about deforestation to create explanation texts about the negative effects of this and outlining why action needs to be taken, using the short film Rangtan in my Bedroom as a hook.

Amazon’s Amazing Sights

Term 4 Victorian Day