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Mr Myland/ Mrs Jarvis Year 6 - Falcons

Welcome to Falcons!

Year 6 Falcons


Welcome to our Class Blog!

Come check out our amazing journey of learning! Throughout the year, we will be updating the progress so please feel free to see what we're doing and how your child is getting on! 


Class teachers: Mrs Jarvis and Mr Myland

Teaching Assistant: Miss Everett


Here are some fab links to help your child with their learning:


BBC Bitesize KS2

A good website which covers all subjects we teach throughout the year. I suggest this is your go-to website for understanding the vocabulary that is used in the curriculum.


We use DoodleMaths as our online homework for Maths. It's a great tool for children to learn a range of new skills, and this AI software changes difficulty levels depending on how they find the questions. A 10 minute, short, sharp approach works perfectly for this!



Spelling Shed


Children are given their weekly spellings on Spelling Shed.  They practise these at home using online games 5 times a week gradually increasing the difficulty of the game each time.   Click on the logo below to take you to the login.



Term 3- At World's End


We’re off on an exciting expedition with Charles Darwin and his crew on HMS Beagle. Stop at the magical Galápagos Islands to see the amazing species that helped Charles Darwin to develop his theory of evolution by natural selection. The children will see how animals adapt to their environment over time and meet some of the world’s greatest explorers and naturalists. Ready to trace the origin of species? Let’s set sail.



Week 3: The Rock invasion!


We arrived at school today and all our regular teachers were ill.  Luckily our visiting supply teachers looked suitably dressed for today's non-uniform day!


I'm sure we're going to have lots of fun!


Week 3


In PE we are doing gymnastics this term.  After a hectic week of performing rolls last week, we had a gentler pace this time as we learnt how to develop our counter balance and tension skills.  We worked in partners to develop increasingly challenging balances that needed to be help for prolonged periods of time.

Week 2


This term we are designing an electronic game.  To house the circuits we need to build a base box for it and we have been experimenting with different nets to create 3D shapes.  We then evaluated these different shapes for their robustness and suitability for the project. 

Term 1 and 2



Step back in time to war torn Britain as you learn all about how our area was affected by World War 2.  Find out how children's lives were affected in the local area as evacuees arrived from cities to escape the bombing.  We will learn in depth about the struggles of daily life during the war through our English work as we dive deep into an immersive topic.


In science we will learn about how we control and manipulate light to our advantage in devices such as searchlights and signal lamps.  We will also use our knowledge of computer programming to develop automated systems to help with the war effort.


Brace yourselves for a fascinating journey through a critical period in our history.  Remember, turn out that light- don't you know there's a war on?

Term 2- Week 3


This week we have been looking at the short film "The Piano".  We thought about the flashbacks, created a scene for each of them and then acted in small groups.  We filmed this work and put it onto Seesaw.  The link to the video is below as are some pictures of us acting.


Christmas tree decorating!

On Friday 25th November, 10 children took their handmade wreaths to the Methodist Church on Broad Street in Spalding. We spent time decorating our own tree and hanging up the amazing creations we made in class. Then, we looked at all the other decorated trees and sang some Christmas songs. It was a lovely afternoon and very Christmassy! 

Term 2 - week 2 - Visit to Lincoln International Bomber Command

On Tuesday 8th November, year 6 visited Lincoln's International Bomber Command to enhance our learning about WW2 and our local areas during WW2. The children had a fabulous time: they had a tour of the centre, visited the exhibition and spent time investigating artefacts and trying on WW2 clothing. We even got to see and go inside a real life Anderson shelter - what a fun day we had! The children's behaviour was impeccable and it was a truly enjoyable experience. 

Week 8


This week we started to learn about mechanisms in DT.  Our project for the term will be to make a Christmas card with a pop-up mechanism that operated on a pull tab or wheel.  The children have evaluated some designs.  The video links we used are below, in case the children would like to revise them again or have a practise at home before the prototype stage.

Week 7 - DT waistcoats


This week in DT, we have been designing, cutting and sewing waistcoats for a person/animal/thing of our choice. The children chose a range of target audiences such as pets, little brothers, stuffed toys and even Mrs Jarvis' toddler! These were some of our final pieces and I have to say we were all feeling rather proud when Mrs Goodsell said they were some of the best waistcoats she'd ever seen in school! We also had a lot of fun making them along the way. We certainly have some fashion designers in the making!!

Week 6


This week the children learnt how to code using a new system called Crumble.  Crumble allows the children to code on the laptop so that a small printed circuit board can make devices work to commands.  We were able to code Crumble to operate lights and motors and some of us even made it so they would respond to light.



Week 4


This week we have been learning how to draw using one and two point perspective.  We sketched our work in pencil then used ink pens to go over or final design.  They look amazing don't they?

Week 2: Brian Moses visit

On Wednesday, Brian Moses virtually visited our school! He shared some of his fantastic poems with us and talked about his father being in WW2. Some of his poems even used drums as a background beat. He then let us ask him questions about his life and poetry - it was a fabulous experience.

Week 1:

Poet visit


On Thursday we welcomed the poet Joshua Seigal into school.  In his workshop we learnt how to construct poems, even if we weren't sure how to begin.  He entertained us with enthusiastic reading of his poetry and we had a fabulous day.

Week 1:

Proving that light travels in a straight line.


Today we investigated light.  Using our prior knowledge we developed tests to show that light travels in straight lines.  We created filters that made a light ray that we were able to follow and show that light from a torch travels in a straight line.