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Monkshouse Primary School

Together Everybody Achieves More

Mr Boughton Year 5 - Hawks

5A - Hawks

Welcome! We are Hawks!!


Teacher - Mr Boughton 

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Williamson



We'll be updating this page with more of our exciting happenings as it happens so watch this space!

Here are some suggested links to support your child's learning at home...


Spelling Shed


Children are given their weekly spellings on Spelling Shed.  They practise these at home using online games 5 times a week gradually increasing the difficulty of the game each time.   Click on the logo below to take you to the login. Children will be tested weekly on their spellings every Friday



Doodle Maths

We use Doodle Maths as our online homework for Maths. Doodle Maths works specifically on the needs of each individual child. We ask the children do a little bit often to help develop these mathematical skills and to support their progress through the school year. Our expectation is five times week. Mr Boughton will check weekly to see how well children are improving.



Times Tables Rock Stars

We use TTRS on a daily basis and ask the children to do so at home too. Those children who are still securing their understanding of multiplication and division facts (up to the 12x tables) will be asked to complete daily Garage games on the app. Mr Boughton will check these regularly to see how children are getting on at smashing those targets and powering through the different tables!


First Aid Course


Today we took part in a first aid course. We learnt how to conduct ourselves during a medical emergency. Understanding how to put someone in the recovery position and being able to safely get help and assistance. We also learnt how to perform CPR ensuring that we applied pressure to the correct areas of the body and a steady rhythming was maintained.  

World Book Day


The children have taken part in World Book Day by doing something crazy with their hair. Our class book for the day was 'My Hair' written by Hannah Lee and shows how diverse we can all be. The children discussed the message of the book then wrote their story featuring some of their own wacky hairstyles. The children were also to use their creative skills by designing their own hairstyles using a variety of craft materials. 

Term 4


Week 1 


The children have been enjoyed taking part in cricket sessions. So far the children have been practising their catching skills as well improving their communication and teamwork. 

Term 3 


This term we have been creating our own space vehicles in DT lessons. The children were set the task of researching, designing, building and evaluating their own space vehicles with working headlights. The children came up with a wide range of products and were able to explain the design features of their vehicles. 


Week 3: The Rock invasion!


We arrived at school today and all our regular teachers were ill.  Luckily our visiting supply teachers looked suitably dressed for today's non-uniform day!


I'm sure we're going to have lots of fun!



We have been learning about cams mechanisms in our DT lessons and have spent time making our very own toys using a variety of different cams. The children have looked a range of examples in order to gather ideas and inspiration. When designing the children had to think carefully about the types of cams they will use as it affects the types of movement. 


When building their models, the children used a wide variety of skills and were able to use the tools and equipment correctly.  The children really enjoyed being able to being their designs to life.  




This week Hawks have been writing their own Greek myth. The stories have involved devious villains, gory violence and outstanding heroes. The class have enjoyed sharing their ideas with one another and have created some wonderful pieces of writing. 


We have started to develop our coding skills using scratch 3. The children have been able to draw simple 2D shapes and have used the repeat function successfully. 


In Maths lessons children have been their addition and subtraction knowledge to help them solve multistep word problems. We have enjoyed some challenging problem-solving tasks and been able to reason our answers well. 


We are looking forward to learning even more about the Greeks as we continue into the term. 

Starting Year 5. 


We have now had two weeks together which have been fully of exciting learning and activities. On the first week back we were visited by a poet who helped us all to develop and improve our own poetry writing skills. It was great to see the children show such enthusiasm. We were then able to use these skill in writing lessons and have produced some fabulous reverse poems in lessons. 


The children have also began to learn about the Ancient Greeks and have been able to use an atlas in order to locate modern day Greece and have been able to share and discuss what they already know about the topic and what they would like to find out over the next term. 


Next week, Hawks will be going swimming for the first time as a class. We are all looking forward to it!