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Monkshouse Primary School

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Miss Tawn Year 4 - Doves

Welcome to Dove Class


The class teacher is Miss Tawn and the class assistant is Miss Wilkins.



Term 5 and Term 6- Tomb Raider


Let’s travel back 5000 years to ancient Egypt, cruising along the Nile and entering a world of mysteries, curses and mummies. This term, we are going to learn first-hand about the gruesome, yet fascinating, process of mummification. We’ll write a report about Howard Carter’s famous discovery and use different sources to research Tutankhamun’s tomb. We’ll also consider whether it was right to open Tutankhamun’s tomb, or whether it should have been left as it was. Our work will inspire us to write some exciting Egyptian mystery stories and non-fiction books and the internet will provide us with information to make fact files.


We will look in depth at the physical geography of Egypt, concentrating on the River Nile and comparing its importance to both ancient and modern society. To do this, we will look in reference books, websites and use aerial images.


We’ll learn about the artist Giorgio Morandi and use his techniques to develop our still life drawings of ancient artefacts focusing on symbols and design features. Studying historical sources will help us learn more about the Pharaohs, the Egyptian gods and ancient religious beliefs. We’ll find out about the music and technology of this fascinating civilisation and have a go at making our very own Egyptian shadufs.


We will begin the term by looking at symmetry and completing simple shapes using it. We will then apply our knowledge of multiplication and division to quickly solve real-life problems. Time and the analogue clock will be our main focus of the term and we will begin to understand how to measure time and the use of the 24 hour clock.

Canopic Jars



We have been making our own canopic jars!  We have researched how the Egyptians used them in the mummifying process and created our own designs.  We are planning to write our final instructions in English this week!





This term we have a special Music teacher and we are learning more about Samba.  We are learning how to play different instruments including the surdo, ganza, tamborim and agogo bell. 

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Mummifying a tomato!


Today, we found out what it would have been like for the Ancient Egyptians to mummify a tomato.  After preparing the 'bodies', we packed our tomatoes in salt and bicarbonate of soda and after a few weeks we will uncover them again to see the mummifying effect.



Mummifying tomatoes!