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Monkshouse Primary School

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Miss Tawn Year 4 - Doves

Welcome to Dove Class


The class teachers are Miss Tawn and the class assistants are Miss Wilkins and Mrs Partridge.


Our termly topics this year are:


Term 1 and Term 2 - Revolting Romans!


We are brave, powerful warriors, and we will meet in battle!


Our first topic of the year will focus upon the Romans and how they changed Britain. We’ll research Celtic and Roman warriors and write a diary as a soldier. Using different source materials, we’ll investigate the Roman Empire and the impact they made upon Britain, especially in the local area.


We will learn about where the Roman Empire was established and compare the human and physical geographical features of Italy and Britain. We will improve our map skills to identify and locate features accurately, using grid references.


We will look at great works of art from the ancient world and consider how they were made.  Having done so we will design and create our own statues.


Levers and pulleys were widely used by the Romans and we will be learning how to use them ourselves, to create moving mechanisms and eventually a slingshot car!


Building upon our everyday knowledge of sound, we’re going to investigate how we hear sound and the way that sound travels.


Term 3- Plastic Fantastic!


Grab your wetsuit! We’re going on a deep sea adventure.


This half term, we’ll learn about the impact of plastic upon our lives and the environment. We will look at where to find the reefs in the oceans and understand why they are so important to the world.  We will also compare how different countries deal with plastic waste and understand how we can all help to make plastic use sustainable.


We will be inviting visitors in to discuss recycling with the children and what the processes are.  We will use these ideas to create structures from recycled materials and know how to create innovative book covers for our Plastic Fantastic project book.


We’re going to develop our photography skills and evaluate our work. We will also look at the work of Hannah Höch and try to recreate our own photomontage art. In addition to this we will learn the role of a curator and then use our knowledge to create a plastic gallery in the hall, to show to the school.


In our science work we will learn about electricity and how to create simple circuits with switches.  Using these ideas we will create world maps that illuminate the areas of the ocean affected by plastic pollution.


Term 4- Inside Out!


Open wide – let’s look inside! We’re on a voyage of discovery to investigate the busy world inside your body.…

This half term, we’ll visit a dentist and ask lots of questions. We’ll find out about different dental procedures and learn new scientific vocabulary.


At school, we’ll use this information to write toothy fact files. There will be lots of investigating as we learn about our different teeth, how to brush them and how sugary drinks affect them. We’ll examine the amount of sugar in different foods and create images of ourselves with healthy and unhealthy teeth.


In science, we’ll learn about the organs involved in digestion and make our own wearable digestive systems in D&T.


We’ll learn about digestion in different animals and the range of digestive organs.


Term 5 and Term 6- Invaders!


Who’s that waving axes and brandishing swords? It’s the Saxons invading Britain’s shores! During this term, we’ll learn about the Anglos-Saxon and Viking invasions.  We will learn how these invasions led to settlement and then to separate kingdoms, that still affect us now.


We’ll write reports as an onlooker who witnessed the Saxons’ landing, and we’ll find out about key dates. Using online maps, we’ll plot the location of Anglo-Saxon and Viking settlements and determine why they settled there. 


We’ll learn about the artist Giorgio Morandi and use his techniques to develop our still life drawings of ancient artefacts.  Using maps, we’ll identify the places where the invaders came from and locate Viking invasion sites. We’ll research Viking beliefs and take part in a scrumptious Viking feast.


We look forward to an exciting year!