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Monkshouse Primary School

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Miss Andrews Year 3 - Swifts

Hello and welcome to the Swifts class blog page.


Here you can touch base and check out all of the exciting activities we are getting up to in year 3. We will keep you updated as we continue our learning journey and can't wait to share all of our successes and achievements with you all. 


Which adults are in Puffins class?

Miss Andrews - Class teacher

Mr Ahern - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hurford & Miss Burrett (1:1)

Term 1 & 2 - Ancient Britain

Take a moment to step outside and stand quietly and still. Turn off all your technology and try to forget the modern world. Imagine this place 5000 years ago. What would you have seen?

Experience life without modern tools and luxurious home comforts – would you survive? In our topic we will discover how people evolved from hunter gatherers to farmers and the beliefs these prehistoric warriors held. We will also investigate where and why humans settled in the places they made home and how some of these still exist in modern times.


English – During this unit, the children will explore poetry by creating acrostic and mesostic poems then later in term two, look at performance poetry. In Reading, we shall firstly use the non-fiction book “Find out about the Stone, Bronze and Iron ages “ to gather information about our topic as well as identify key features of non-fiction texts. We shall then be using Ted Hughes’ thrilling “The Iron Man” for both our reading and writing lessons. Through the exposure to this rich text, we shall be creating narrative as well as information texts and non-chronological reports. Children shall continue to build upon their writing skill such as, capital letters, full stops, conjunctions, fronted adverbials and apostrophes to name a few! They will then have the opportunity to apply this across the different genres of writing.


Maths – During this unit, we will be investigating the number system and ensuring our knowledge of place value is sound. We will look at the value of different numbers as well as attempting to order them and compare them. Following on from this, we will be recapping adding and subtraction practically before moving onto use of the formal column method. After, we will be focusing on multiplication and division where will be looking at different methods to calculate problems as well as continuing to gain confidence with our times tables.

Visit to Flag Fen Thursday 15th September

A fantastic day visiting Flag Fen just outside of Peterborough. We investigated artefacts from the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages, listened to a Bronze age tale around the fire in the roundhouse, created clay beaker pots and saw the famous "Causeway". A terrific day out to enhance our topic on Ancient Britain.