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Throughout the year, we will be updating our progress so please check in to see how we're getting on!

Good links for helping your child at home:

BBC Bitesize KS2

A good website which covers all subjects we teach throughout the year. I suggest this is your go-to website for understanding the vocabulary that is used in the curriculum.

My Maths

We use My Maths as our online homework for Maths. It's a great tool to use as it demonstrates the steps the children can follow to complete tasks which is an overlooked aspect of the website. I recommend the children look through these steps before completing the homeworks I have set for them.


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Term 3 - WW2 Silhouette Art

As a part of their Art lessons this term, Year 6 have used their previous learning of painting to create some beautiful yet solemn pieces. To begin with they used watercolours to create their backgrounds. Many chose to create a sunset but others used the deep colours of night instead. They then used charcoal to go over their painted backgrounds for the silhouettes to great effect. They were influenced by other examples such as the soldiers marching across hills, a soldier standing to attention whilst gazing towards the horizon as well as the Blitz. 

Term 3 - Exploring Shape

Year 6 have begun the term really well with their Exploring Shape unit. They are beginning to show a lot more confidence in explaining their ideas! Mainly, the lessons have so far entailed describing circles, triangles and quadrilaterals. This has set them up well for their work on missing angles on a line, around a point and within shapes. 


Christmas Unwrapped

Year 6's were awarded with a special treat to the Baptist Church! They took part in a range of fantastic Christmas activities which included decorating a biscuit, singing songs, taking part in a puzzle hunt and learning about the Christmas story.

Term 2 - Science Day

For our first Science Day of the year, we looked at forces. The children made platforms to test on a choice of different cables. They discussed how to make it a fair test by ensuring they used the same model each time and the cables being the same length. Then, they used stopwatches to measure the speed of the platforms as they travelled down the cables. To finish they recorded the times before making conclusions on their experiments.


Term 2 - Inuit Art

As we began our Frozen Kingdoms topic, the children queried who would live in the polar regions as it so cold! We looked at a video which introduced the children to the Inuit people. Following this, the class were tasked with researching the works of different Inuit artists and came out with some fantastic collages using the iPads. Please see all of the children's work in the gallery!


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