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5B - Owls

Welcome to the Year 5 (Owls) Class Blog!


Mr Slater (Class Teacher)           

Mr Slater


Mrs Roberts (Class Teacher)

Mrs Roberts

Mrs Elston (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Elston

Throughout the year, we will be updating our progress so please check in to see how we're getting on!

Good links for helping your child at home:

BBC Bitesize KS2

A good website which covers all subjects we cover throughout the year. I suggest this is your go-to website for understanding the vocabulary that is used in the curriculum. 

My Maths

We use My Maths as our online homework for Maths. It's a great tool to use as it demonstrates the steps the children can follow to complete tasks which is an overlooked aspect of the website. I recommend the children look through these steps before completing the homeworks I have set for them. 

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Year 5 have been learning all about gravity this afternoon and exploring the difference between weight and mass using scientific equipment!gravity

The Planetarium

Owls class thoroughly enjoyed their experience in the Planetarium today! They learnt lots of interesting facts about night and day, the sun, planets and dwarf planets. Our favourite part was definitely the stargazing. We were shown lots of different constellations to look out for tonight and I'm sure the children would love to share these with parent later! 



Science Day!

For Science Day this term, Owls explored solids and liquids. We first designed and completed an experiment to test the viscosity of liquids. We then explored the non-newtonian liquid-slime! We had great fun making lots slime and testing which recipe made the 'best' slime! slime

Starry Night!

To kick start our Stargazers topic this term the children have completed their own oil pastel version of Van Gogh's famous painting starry night. We followed step by step instructions and were amazed at the end because, even though we all followed the same instuctions, our pictures ended up completely different showing how wonderfully unique we all are! starry night

Nerf Gun Multiplication

This lesson, we were focusing on our multiplication skills.

We worked our way through a number of activities, including emoji puzzles and football puzzles. But our favourite activity was definitely getting to use the Nerf guns to shoot at various multiples. 

This was definitely a fun way to learn our times tables.

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