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5B - Owls

Welcome to the Year 5 (Owls) Class Blog!


Mr Slater (Class Teacher)           

Mr Slater


Mrs Roberts (Class Teacher)

Mrs Roberts

Mrs Elston (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Elston

Throughout the year, we will be updating our progress so please check in to see how we're getting on!

Good links for helping your child at home:

BBC Bitesize KS2

A good website which covers all subjects we cover throughout the year. I suggest this is your go-to website for understanding the vocabulary that is used in the curriculum. 

My Maths

We use My Maths as our online homework for Maths. It's a great tool to use as it demonstrates the steps the children can follow to complete tasks which is an overlooked aspect of the website. I recommend the children look through these steps before completing the homeworks I have set for them. 

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Line graphs

Owls class made the most of the spring weather, taking our maths learning outdoors today! The children created a table to record their results seeing if they could throw a bean bag or ball further with different length run ups. They had to use their measuring skills to measure how far the item was thrown. Once they had collected their data, they drew a line graph to show their results and created lovely double page spreads. line graphmaths page spreads

Practical Perimeter!

Today, Owls class braved the January weather and took our maths learning outside. After learning all about perimeter over the past couple of days, we measured different areas and games in the playground and found the perimeter of these. outoor


As part of our literacy, we have been learning about the fictional planet Pandora. Today, we designed our own hexapod which could live on Pandora and over the next week we will be writing a non chronological report about them! We have some very imaginative designs! 



Maths Hunt

Owls class braved the cold weather and took their maths learning outside today. They were each given a map of the school grounds with markers on and they needed to use this tofind a division question and answer it using the bus stop method. 


maths hunt


This afternoon, year 5 have designed their own experiments to find out if the distance an object falls affects the size of a crater made. They dropped marbles from different distances in to sand and measured the diameter of the crater. They also completed art work using oil pastels to show craters on the moon and are in the middle of presenting all their findings in a double page spread- we'll put some examples on the blog when we have completed them!craters

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