Design & Technology

At Monkshouse Primary School, our Design and Technology curriculum is based around a problem solving, investigative context, which allows pupils the freedom and creativity to follow their own lines of enquiry and build upon taught skills.

The children learn about how to design and make functional and appealing products for themselves and others from a given brief. They have opportunities to use their speaking and listening skills to discuss and communicate their ideas and use ICT to aid their research into current products. For some products they will also use market research to support their design brief. We have also introduced the use of Lego to stimulate children’s ideas when constructing 3D structures and to support them in understanding how we ‘real-life’ designers create and adapt 3D models and prototypes in other, more pliable materials prior to constructing their finished product.

We teach technology throughout topic-based curriculum. Design and Technology encourages the development of knowledge, skills and understanding in a practically based subject. Pupils are taught to develop, plan and communicate ideas. They work with tools, equipment, materials and components to make quality products. Upon completion of their task, they evaluate the processes and products.

In Key Stage 1, pupils learn how to think imaginatively and talk about what they like and dislike when designing and making. They build on their early childhood experiences of investigating objects around them. They explore how familiar things work and talk about, draw and model their ideas. They learn how to design and make safely and start to use IT as part of their designing and making.

During Key Stage 2, the pupils will identify the purpose for design, the mechanisms that might be required, the best materials for the job and tools required to manipulate them.  They are encouraged to look at products that exist in the wider world and evaluate their use and efficiency – are they fit for purpose?  Following designing and making, children then identify strengths and weaknesses of their own products and improve them.

The key principles underpinning our Design and Food Technology are:

DT is about designing, making and evaluating.

It’s about developing the skills to use tools safely and competently.

It’s about identifying different products in the local environment and how it meets the need of that environment or person.

DT is about identifying the requirements of a design brief and developing success criteria for a product.

It’s about identifying successful and not so successful features of existing products and using these in a design.

Testing and evaluation of different resources, techniques and products, gaining knowledge about their own work and the work of others.

Identifying changes that need to be made to a product and improving it.

Food technology encourages the need for balanced nutrition, safe preparation and handling of food and equipment as well as an awareness of where food is from and seasonality.