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Term 1 – I am Warrior!

We are brave, powerful warriors, and we will meet in battle! We’ll research Celtic and Roman warriors and write soliloquies as soldiers. Using different source materials, we’ll investigate the Roman Empire and read Roman numerals. After designing and making shields, we’ll test them in battle and practise our attacking and defending skills. The Celtic warrior queen, Boudicca, will inspire us to create stories, models and artwork. Using maps, globes and information books, we’ll compare Britain (the home of the Celts) and Rome (the home of the Romans).

Term 2 – Burps, Bottoms and Bile

Open wide – let’s look inside! We’re on a voyage of discovery to investigate the busy world inside your body. This half term, we’ll visit a dentist and ask lots of questions. We’ll find out about different dental procedures and learn new scientific vocabulary. At school, we’ll use this information to write toothy fact files. There will be lots of investigating as we learn about our different teeth, how to brush them and how sugary drinks affect them. We’ll examine the amount of sugar in different foods and create images of ourselves with healthy and unhealthy teeth. We’ll write a story describing the journey a piece of food takes through the digestive system. In science, we’ll learn about the organs involved in digestion and make our own wearable digestive systems in D&T. We’ll learn about digestion in different animals and handle a range of digestive organs.


Term 3 – Blue Abyss

Grab your wetsuit! We’re going on a deep sea adventure. This half term, we’ll visit an aquarium to gain an insight into the ocean world. We’ll sketch different creatures and create clay sculptures of our favourite. Writing poems inspired by our favourite sea creatures will help us to develop a rich vocabulary. Using maps, globes and atlases, we’ll identify the world’s oceans and seas. We’ll also find different ways of grouping living things. Diving back into the 1800s, we’ll learn all about the HMS Challenger. We’ll research Jacques Cousteau and write biographies about his exciting explorations. As a challenge, we’ll create model submarines using recycled materials and program an onscreen submarine. We’ll study Antony Gormley’s Another Place sculpture and write reviews. After locating the Great Barrier Reef on a map, we’ll learn about the risks it faces.

Term 4 - Road Trip USA

Buckle up and put your sunglasses on – this half term we’re going on a road trip across the USA! We’ll start by ‘visiting’ the states where Native American tribes settled. We’ll use travel brochures and the internet to research New York and write postcards to family members. Using maps, we’ll locate the USA and find the names of the states. We’ll look at the amazing lights of Times Square, make circuits and create a program for a tourist trip around New York. Looking at aerial views of natural landmarks, we’ll think about how they might have been formed. We’ll create travel brochures and make illuminated models of different landmarks. Then we’ll cook delicious dishes – would anyone like a corn dog?

Term 5 – Potions

Poisonous potions, aromatic brews, vapour or a sticky goo. Welcome to the amazing world of potions! By reading an extract from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, we’ll learn all about mysterious potions, and write a safety label for Alice’s bottle. We’ll sort everyday items into solids, liquids and gases. Using our investigation skills we’ll explore capacity and the properties of liquids. We’ll also design fabulous bottles for magical potions. Becoming super scientists, we’ll investigate chemical reactions and states of matter. We’ll research the use of anaesthetic and learn what life was like without it! We’ll write spells with magical, strange or gruesome effects – what ingredients will we use?

Term 6 – Traders and Raiders

Who’s that waving axes and brandishing swords? It’s the Saxons invading Britain’s shores! During this half term, we’ll start by making sturdy boats to sail the ocean’s fearsome waves. We’ll write reports as an onlooker who witnessed the Saxons’ landing, and we’ll find out about key dates. Using online maps, we’ll plot the location of Roman shore forts and draw our own sketch maps. We’ll make models of Saxon weaponry, homes and jewellery and carefully carve runes using clay tools. Using maps, we’ll identify the places where the invaders came from and locate Viking invasion sites. We’ll research Viking beliefs and take part in a scrumptious Viking feast.

Our curriculum overview can be found here

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Pop-up mechanisms

This week, Mr Myland taught us how to make pop-up pages.  We are going to put these all together to make a pop-up book about our topic Burps Bottoms and Bile (he he). 

At the moment we are making prototypes to learn what to do.  These have been okay but some are fiddly.

Roman numerals

Those Romans had a tricky number system.  It is so different to the one we use.  This week we've been learning how it works and that only a few letters, used in combinations, allow us to make big numbers.  

Quite how they managed to build so well with such complicated maths is a mystery to us!

Learning about places of worship using Lego.

Today, we used Lego to make churches and the things that go inside them.  We then took a photo and labelled it on Seesaw.


Roman Day

Today, the children came to school to experience life as a Roman.  They beggan the day learning how to train as a soldier.  Then they learnt all about Roman worship and the gods and then learnt how to write Roman letters using writing tablets. 

In the afternoon, they designed and built catapults to fling marshmallows as far as they could.  Monkshouse would be quite safe if there was a Marshmallow Celtic invasion!

VR Headsets

Today, we have had the VR headsets.  The children used these to "travel" to and explore places of worship around the world.  We were amazed at the detail we could see.

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