Computing and Online Safety

In today’s society, technology is essential to our lives, both at home and at work. It is as equally essential for children to be able to grasp these technologies early and utilise them for different purposes. Therefore, the Computing curriculum at Monkshouse Primary School focuses on ensuring children get the best out of these lessons through coding, understanding the basic use of ICT equipment and programs, engaging with technologies outside the ICT suite, and the use of ICT in all areas of the curriculum.

Throughout their time at Monkshouse, children will be able to develop their skills gradually to ensure they are given the foundation knowledge before moving onto the complex use applications for different purposes. These basic skills include understanding the key terminologies algorithm, execute and script, saving and editing work within a file browser, and the practical use of simple logic based programmes; such as beebots. They will move through the year groups, accessing different learning opportunities, and will gradually move onto creating digital media for their own purpose. Children will also have access to computing devices for a range of purposes, using iPads and PCs in both Maths and foundation subjects for a range of purposes. Within this, children will be able to use programmes from the Microsoft package to create documents and express themselves on a digital format.

At Monkshouse, we believe that being aware of how to keep E-Safe is an important life skill, particularly in a society based on the use of ICT. There is a strong emphasis at Monkshouse on the safe use of computing equipment and staying safe online. This is achieved through workshops and assemblies based on these fundamental skills. The key way this is being achieved is through the enablement of all children to know how to safeguard themselves whilst online. Ensuring all children have knowledge on what E-Safety is and how they can stay safe online is believed to be paramount whilst using ICT. This is also promoted throughout the school by some of our children who have been elected as E-Safety monitors, who are responsible for promoting proper use of ICT to all children.


E-Safety Newsletter - Issue 1 October 2017