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End of Term 6

We have now come to the end of Term 6. We hope you have an enjoyable break and the weather stays as good as it is now. We would also like to wish all the children in year 6 well as they leave us to start secondary school. We look forward to seeing you at the start of term 1 on Thursday 4th September.

FS & KS1 Breakfast Club

The new FS & KS1 Breakfast Club has now started - 8am-8.45am. If you are interested, booking forms are available in the Nursery, main school foyer and on the website under 'School Meals'. The club is 2 a day and will need to be booked by the Wednesday prior to the week you require.


The school attendance for Term 1 is 96.20%, Term 2 is 94.70%, Term 3 is 94.87%, Term 4 is 96.26%, Term 5 is 95.21% and Term 6 is 94.74%.

Class Attendance Award

The class attendance award for 14th July to 18th July goes to: KS1 - Miss Wayland's class (Year 1) 97.24% and KS2 -Mrs Peck's (Year 3/4) 98.62%. The Governors' Attendance Award and Trophy for terms 5 & 6 goes to Miss Green's class - Well done!

After School Clubs

After school clubs have now finished for Term 6.

Term-time Holidays

Amendments to the Education Regulations have been introduced that affect headteacher's ability to grant leave of absence for family holidays. It has now been made clear that headteachers should not grant any leave of absence during school time unless there are exceptional circumstances. This will apply to all leave of absence requests for September 2013 onwards.

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At Monkshouse School we put a large emphasis on practical activities in Science. This Scientific enquiry forms the basis of our learning, where children can find out how things work, why things happen and what changes can be seen in everything around them. It gives the children the knowledge they will need in life and provides a social understanding of subjects they can take further in secondary school. Children learn to predict what will happen in an experiment, carry out a fair test, analyse the results and consider the reasons why the experiment happened in a paticular way. As part of our science curriculum we cover four aspects of learning: Sc1 - Scientific enquiry Sc2 - Life processes and living things Sc3 - Materials and their properties Sc4 - Physical Processes. These areas are developed as the childrne move through the school.

Here is your chance to have some fun investigating Science at home. Just choose a link and click on it!







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